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Open Hive - Open Platform


Open Hive is an open platform that encourages the community to collect crowd intelligence on sustainable issues, as well as to empower the community with design thinking to generate ideas and viable solutions for potential implementations. 


“Sharing” Design and Planning Competition2016, Golden Award

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PROBLEM 01 - Background:

Sustainable development has been the consensus of human society in recent decades. Still this issue is becoming more and more severe and urgent.

PROBLEM 02 - Traditional Design Process:

In the traditional design process, different professionals work separately, which might cause ignorance of some proactive issues. In the era of Web 2.0, ways of collaboration have been changing tremendously. Various “open movements” emphasize the joining of internal and external resources, as well as the importance of leveraging the power of crowds. *


GOAL - Open Design Process focused on sustainable issues.
01. Combine the research and practice of sustainable development with information technology and community construction.
02. In the open innovation design process, each design phase is open to different stakeholders and young professionals.



Empowered by Design Thinking. We identify the 6 steps to incubate ideas. Through various online platforms and offline community activities, this platform could attract young professionals with different backgrounds and experiences in each phase of the design process and help to turn the ideas into solutions.

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Design Process and actions at each phase
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1 Kick-off
Openhive will publish the "Monthly Design Issue" online, and ask 10 related questions about this issue for community members to brainstorm initial ideas and inspire existing experiences. Offline activities focus on the research-based workshop and user-centered surveys.

2 Inspiration
Openhive will publish the "Challenge Brief" in the second week after the kick-off and introduce relevant case studies to community members. We also provide offline workshops for sticky notes brainstorming. We do encourage members to share their minds with each other.
3 Conception
In the third week, community members are required to submit their "Conceptual Design Ideas" online. The expert panel will provide guidance and critic onthose ideas based on the guidebook. Openhive also facilitates offline events and provides "Design Tools" to members.

4 Solution
Openhive provides relevant resources and design tools to the project team that facilitates the ideation process.

5 Implementation
OpenHive introduces resources to the project team and provides suggestions from our expert panels.

6 Impact
After the "Implementation", Openhive will collect the stories/experiences/feedback from the community members and publish the refined blog to the online platform to inspire more ideas.  

Information Architecture:
In order to do so, we identified key pages for OpenHive, hoping to exhibit and inspire creative scenarios for a sustainable future. Through the case study, desktop research, competitive analysis, and user interview with experts / potential stakeholders, we decided to focus on the "Challenges Page", "Tool Page" and "Event Page" to demonstrate the user interaction.


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Competitive Analysis, User Interview, Case Study, SWOT analysis
User Interview
User Interview
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Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis
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User Survey Conclusion
User Survey Conclusion
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Case Study Infomation System
Case Study Infomation System
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Open IDEO Case Study
Open IDEO Case Study
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Arup Foresignt System Map-finished-01
Arup Foresignt System Map-finished-01
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OpenIDEO System Map
OpenIDEO System Map
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Open IDEO System Map
Open IDEO System Map
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Usability Test - Run an individual  challenge through the Platform





Engagement Rate
This project helped the platform attract 153 new community members including advisor panel and challenge participants

User testing shows it improves 65% efficiency compared to 3 existing competitor platforms. It brings 5 implementations including coffee-ground mushroom, ceramics, clothing fabric, and cardboard compost bin...

96% participants said they were satisfied with this platform and would like to recommend it to their friends

Time Line

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Design Process Overview:


The project launched successfully. We got published 10 blogs online. Implemented 5 solutions. One of the most successful implementations is "edible coffee ground mushrooms". Students from Tongji University designed the package for the mushroom startup.


User Test
After setting the open design process and website framework, I then tested the prototype by facilitating an individual challenge called “Coffee on the ground” which focuses on the reuse of coffee ground. This challenge runs the full design process to test each design function.
Challenge Duration:2 Month

Challenge Narrative

Empower the community with design tools to implement ideas-Photos token on real design workshops and Design Fair

Sustainable Business Model:


User Interview and Workshops:

Implementations & Impact:
Through the collaboration of both online and offline usability tests, we gathered 153 community members to this platform and successfully implemented 5 final solutions. Got invited to two design fairs and gave two speeches to commercial agencies including PWC.  

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After the challenge, we created a blog to document the whole process.  And refind the open innovation design process of our platform.