Pet Food Ingredient Preview App

Being a pet food expert without having a chemistry degree in a short time!

Pawpal is a pet food ingredient visualization & interaction app, which creates a better user experience to preview food ingredients, and empowers users to analyze their pet nutrient needs.


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March 2022


July 2022

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Usability Test


UI Screens

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Hi-Fi Prototype

1. Hard to read chemistry elements

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Existing Ingredient Preview Page


Most of the pet owner are not expert in chemistry or pet nutrition, nor are they likely to spend time understanding ingredient labels.

According to our marketing research,There is no existing app for graphical pet food ingredient preview , nor does the pet food app has this feature to address the importance of food ingredients.
However those pet food may contain ingredients that harm the pet's health, or your pet might be allergic to certain ingredients that within the product. Which will cause irreversible impact to their health and wellbeing.


To empower the pet owner with the ability to analyze pet food ingredient that is healthy, suitable, and safe.
In the current market. Most apps display ingredients as texts, which are tedious to read and less appealing to users. In the meanwhile, our empirical study shows that 85% of pet owners we surveyed do value the food ingredient and consider it as the key factor when shopping for pets.
These insights bring us the motivation to design a pet food ingredient visualization & interaction app, which creates a better user experience to preview food ingredients and empowers users to analyze their pet nutrient needs.

3. Elements that do harm to pet's health

​or even to human health


Analyze the pet food ingredient

Select the safe & healthy food for pets

2. Elements that your pet might be allergic to


We are creating an app that empowers users to analyze the pet food ingredient and their pet nutrient needs.

01. "scan function" that helps the user to identify the ingredients by scanning the barcode.

02. The third feature is the "pet tracker" which is used for Hooman to document pets' daily meals and customize the nutrition plan for their pets.

03. "Ingredient preview" function that visualizes all the ingredient labels to make the information easy to read at all levels.


Scan Function

Pet Tracker

Ingredient Preview

Hi-Fi Mockups

Header (1).jpg


Hi-Fi Mockup @2022

Primary Research

Identify Target User Group by conducting "User Interview" and "User Survey"

Research Goal:

01. Interview people age from18 to 65 who have the need to shop the pet food and have an interest to know more about pet food ingredients.

02. We’d like to figure out the difficulties users had to prevent them from reading the pet food ingredients both in the app and at the pet store. 

25 participants


Pet Type

Shop Style


Top Insights:

01: 30% of participants said they will change the pet food every 6 months. Pets need to adjust the food based on age and health conditions.

02: 50% of participants will go online to shop for food for pets.

     (15% from amazon+35% from other platforms)

03: 30% of participants will read the food ingredients every time during the shopping. 65% of participants will read it  when they shop for new products

Understanding the user:

User Personas:

Google UX Design Certificate - Persona -Yuqi Cui (1).jpg
Google UX Design Certificate - Persona -Yuqi Cui.jpg
WeChat Image_20220307224757_edited_edited.jpg

User Journey Map:

Erin's problem Statement:

Erin is a full-time landscape designer who needs an app to show clear illustration of pet food ingredients because she wants to bring the most healthy food for her pet without spending tons of time researching 

Google UX Design Certificate - User Journey Map [Template].jpg

Market Research

Competitive Analysis

Read Detailed Analysis






Safe Pet Treat

User Research

Secondary Research

Domain survey and literature review:

When I adopted my two bunnies in 2021, the breeder told me "You are what you eat" and it's still true when it applies to pet food. 

Pet food is increasingly under the eye of pet owners and regulatory bodies alike.

Health innovation in the pet food category spans digestive, immune and mental health.

  • 61% of UK pet food buyers would like to know more about the environmental footprint of different pet foods

  • 58% of pet owners in the US would be interested in pet food launches featuring functional digestive claims

Here are some quick critia when shopping food for pet:​

  • Check the ingredients for anything your pet is allergic to. 

  • Avoid harmful Chemical ingredients such as BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, and Propylene Glycol

  • The bag or container should say “formulated to meet AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutrient profiles” 

  • Conduct pet health review and follow doctor's suggestion to prepare the meal.


of U.S. households (90.5 million homes) owned a pet as of 2021

$42 Billion

American pet owners spend the most on pet food and treats:
$42 billion in 2020


From 2010 to 2020, U.S. pet industry expenditure grew by 114%.

Design Process

Identify Key Pages

Home Page

  • Search Bar

  • Banner

  • Shop by Pet

  • My Pet Information

  • Navigation

Shopping Page

  • Search Bar

  • Shop by pet

  • Shope by category

  • Recommendation 

  • Navigation

Pet Tracker

  • Pet Profile

  • Diet Tracker

  • Weigh Tracker

  • Recommendation

  • Navigation

Ingredient Preview

  • Product information

  • Product Review

  • Ingredient Information

  • Ingredient Preview

  • Core Ingredients

Feeding Guide

  • Food Allergy

  • Fedding Guide

  • Nutrient Analysis

  • Recommendation

  • Navigation

Frame 1523.png

Information Architecture

Usability Test:

My First Board - Pet food ingredient Preview.jpg
My First Board - Search the pet food product.jpg
My First Board - Create a pet profile.jpg