Let's Hang-Out

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

"Hang Out" is a community hammock. Sited on a vacant lot on Main Street, Poughkeepsie. This installation helps the people of Poughkeepsie to get together, share ideas and have fun.

The hammock was originally a flexible, comfortable and mobile place for individuals to rest and sleep but the "Hang Out" hammock is a system of seats and couches for groups and socializing. There are two key aspects to the project:

"Hang Out" is built on a system of suspension, creating dynamic views and perspectives of the city. It is composed of four hammock seats made of polypropylene netting. Each is suspended from a metal structure with a pulley system so movement on one seat will affect the disposition of another. The heights of the seating will be interlinked.

The experience of "Hang Out" pushes on the boundaries between strangers. The shadows created by the structure will chart time and nurture a penetrative musing on invisible social issues. People will exchange their experiences about their lives in the city.

Through the different combinations of modules and linkage with existing structure on site, the installation will redefine the gathering space for the community. We treat the installation as a catalyst for social interaction and encourage people to stop here and enjoy the urban space.

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