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Project Narrative:

In an era where the definition of museums is now being reimagined to center social justice, the health of our planet, and the well-being of communities, climate change and social inequity emerge as urgent themes for existing and future institutions to explore.

We believe that these themes ought to be considered both thematically via the content explored in current museum exhibitions and structurally in the ways in which material culture is produced by artists and consumed by communities.

Design Proposal:

Our proposal is to reimagine museums through a virtual 501(c) non-profit organization called the Museum for All (M4A). M4A’s mission is to increase global awareness, global participation and global connectivity with relation to climate action and green futures. To actualize this mission, M4A will facilitate an annual Climate Action Month.


Climate Action Month is a recurring art exhibition hosted by participating museums and

circulated through a series of community installations facilitated via the use of M4A’s new container gallery prototype. For each Climate Action Month, a committee of artists, scholars, scientists and community experts chosen by M4A will determine: the guiding question and parameters to be addressed by participating institutions and the geographic locations to host the community installations. This annual event will center the exploration of climate change and sustainability in the arts and museum sector through collaborations between museums, artists and communities which are easily accessed and explored both directly and virtually by the public.

M4A utilizes the following three platforms to engage stakeholders in Climate Action Month: 

1. Exhibitions hosted in participating museums that utilize the museum’s collection to

explore the prompt set by M4A. Museums will be asked to document their work using

common metrics set forth by M4A.

2. Public installations circulated in M4A’s gallery container prototype and dispersed

throughout selected communities. These installations will be managed by the

participating museum and display co-creative and site-specific work by mid-career

artists. As part of their making process, artists must work with community members to

create and document their work.

3. User Interface (UI) designed to aggregate content as a digital collection of the Museum

for All and serve as a resource that supports public engagement throughout the year.

The initial exhibition and public installation for Climate Action Month will occur at the Glasgow Science Center before and during the UN Climate Change Conference COP 26 in 2021.

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