Qancierge-Travel Community

VISION: Be your city's travel guru and help travelers navigate your city.

Role: UI/UX Designer. Conduct visual identity standards including logo design/topography/color scheme/.

Later work with the development team and a design team to facilitate brainstorming,wireframing, and prototyping. Ideate concepty to high fidelity mockup that has visually appealing to attract users. The app is launched on the app store.



Use Qancierge to connect with locals online. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Discover hidden gems and find the best restaurants, bars, and places that locals love to visit. Book a one-on-one session with a local expert to plan your next adventure or for urgent questions on the go.


- Plan ahead of your trip by posting questions to locals

- Ask urgent questions on the go and receive real-time help

- Create polls and ask locals for their honest opinion

- Easily search through previously answered questions

- Get exclusive deals and coupons from local businesses

Logo Design Phase 01:

Logo Design Phase 02:

Color Scheme+Icon Design:


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