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Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Hunts Point, South Bronx, NY

Hunts point is known for its Food Distribution Center, however it blocks the residents of Hunts Point from accessing the riverfront due to its location on the peninsula.

Our project aims to provide a series of recreational spaces along Hunts Point Peninsula, which engages people with the waterfront and marks it as a destination on the Bronx River.

It complements the proposed foodway scheme that links public spaces on the Bronx River through food related activities, which comes to an end where the food distribution center meet the waterfront. These facilities are highly dependent on truck movement and lacking in waterfront activities.

Our proposal weaves through the warehouses and results in a raised park that features a community garden and kitchen, a beer bar, food markets, ferry terminal and a community center. The proposal also aims at making the Food Distribution Center more resilient by connecting two high points; the Riverside Park and Barretto Point Park.

The project would attract city departments such as NYCEDC and NYC Parks due to its resiliency and economic opportunities.

We aim to first introduce a ferry terminal for New Yorkers to visit and local workers to commute. A bicycle and pedestrian pathway will be designed to link the spaces.

Fulton Fish Market is extended to welcome citizens of New York during daytime, and a plaza houses a variety of events, including a weekly farmer’s market. The existing prison barge will be combined with a community center which includes an educational center, consultation space and library to enrich the residents’ life.

The community garden allows people to compost waste from the Produce Market and grow their own food. The community kitchen provides hospitality courses to the residents to increase job opportunities and enrich their daily life.

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